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Soon after I arrived, a local newspaper had a competition for the best grinds in town: the categories were saimin, poke, sushi, Portuguese sausage, laulau, plate lunch, loco moco, kim chee, lumpia, french fries, ice cream, dim sum, manapua, mochi, shave ice, char siu, burgers, hot dogs, crack seed, mango chutney, muffins, and pizza. from Rachel Laudan, The Food of Paradise.

Crazy ways people drive in Hilo:

  1. Drive and park on grass medians
  2. Parallel park on the street and open doors with abandon
  3. Drive through lines at Starbucks and McDonalds routinely run out into lanes of traffic
  4. Random acts of kindness a la letting people cut in line to merge or turn across lanes of traffic (be ready for it, like when someone holds the door open and you’re still not quite there…)